hidden_xtc (hidden_xtc) wrote in e_weed_tarded,

Ok so me & a few friends are rolling in a couple of weeks. A private affair, we don't have raves down here. I'm getting a friend to send me some pills from where she lives(AZ), the stuff we have down here is real shitty, and I haven't had a good roll from pills here in probably over a year and a half. Has anybody had blue ladys? It's not the blue naked ladys, it's more of a womans silhouette. I'll show you a picture.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm just wondering if anybody has taken them and what type of roll they were? I like speedy type rolls, I hate rolls where I don't want to move.

Also over the past few months all of my cds have gotten stolen, so I'm having to burn all new techno. And I have no idea what to download. I've gotten more into trance & drum n bass. Any suggestions?
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