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well I of course, get high everyday. Go smoke pot at the garage. just a block away from the school, and everyone has the same lunch at beal. me and my friends were blazing and had to deak, turns out the cops have been watching us for a week or something, and we have been blazing there for so long, it sucks that it became heat.
and on the weekend umm...Fri...I know that I slept over at a friends place, and then sat went over to a friends birthday party.first we went downtown got some weed and hung out with BiG Mike and <Mark and smoked pot on the dock. it was nice. and then at like...7or 8ish went to terrads ofr her birthday parrty. I did a half a blue kankle and half a blue moon. they are both good in halfs (I sniffed them) and my friend gave me really good K, and he gave me a lot of it. I fucking K-holed for soo long........yeah////and my sketchy sunday mothersday was sketchy..of course
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